Andrea Zavala

How to touch through the screen / Erotics of discontinuity


Andrea Zavala is a choreographer, performer and visual artist based between Amsterdam, Brussels and Madrid who graduated from the SNDO, Amsterdam and the BA Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense Madrid. Her practice unfolds at the intersection of dance, performance, the visual arts and theatre, in the gap where the body manifests as an artistic and critical device. Andrea has moved from drawing and painting into film, and is now following her fascination of how to stage where this mediums intersect. As a choreographer she facilitates the tensions between these intersections for the exposure of the “not yet”, architectural voids and ethics emerging in front of who is watching and who is watched.

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Project Description

How to touch through the screen / Erotics of discontinuity is an invitation for the visitors to follow a simple choreographic score through an audio file. This score follows the curiosity of guiding in a poetic, philosophical and sensual manner, a series of instructions in order to open the possibility of giving and receiving touch on Zoom. By exercising calmness through breathing, visualisation and listening, it may become a playful yet serious performance on being present whilst not seen, on being connected whilst physically separated, on embodying touch and togetherness in the disembodied apparatus of Zoom meetings. With this score I hope to practice transforming how we view our bodies on the camera — not as surfaces for mediation and control, but rather as matter that can dilute in the virtual fluidity and continuity — giving oneself the perception and the trust that one’s body and sensations may operate far beyond the skin, the eyes and the frame of the camera.

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