Project Partners – Tinderbox

Zoom Obscura is proud to have our project partners, the Tinderbox Collective. For more information on Tinderbox – and Jack and Luci – read below!

From grass-roots youth work to award-winning music productions, Tinderbox is building a vibrant and eclectic community of young musicians and artists in Scotland. Tinderbox have a range of programmes focusing on creating new music & artwork with young people including an alternative orchestra, youth and community workshops, the Tinderbox Lab and artistic productions. Tinderbox aims to ignite a spark in young people – one which fills them with confidence, imagination and sense of possibility, and which enables people to achieve things they never thought possible.  Our work uses music and the arts to bring people together and strengthen communities, providing exciting opportunities to those who need them most, and supporting young people to build their confidence, skills, self-esteem, and professional experience.

Jack Nissan

Jack is the founder and director of the Tinderbox Collective, a collective of young people, musicians, artists and youth workers based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He is a musician at heart, and is interested in creative and collaborative ways of bringing people together. His work has a focus on creative education and supporting children & young people to build their confidence and explore what they have to say through music and the arts. Jack is also a board member of Scotland’s Music Education Partnership Group (MEPG) and a co-founder of Hidden Door – a festival that supports new and emerging artists, musicians, theatre makers, film makers and poets in Scotland. In 2012/13, he took part in a programme called International Creative Entrepreneurs which led to an ongoing project called Journey of a Thousand Wings, bringing together artists and community groups in different countries. He is a senior fellow of the Atlantic Fellowship programme in Social & Economic Equity.

Luci Holland

Luci Holland is a Scottish (Edinburgh-based) composer, sound artist and radio presenter who composes and produces music and audiovisual art for film, games and concert. As a games music composer Luci wrote the original dynamic/responsive music for Blazing Griffin‘s 2018 release Murderous Pursuits, and has composed and arranged for numerous video game music collaborations, such as orchestrating and producing an arrangement of Jessica Curry‘s Disappearing with label Materia Collective’s bespoke cover album Pattern: An Homage to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Currently she has also been composing custom game music tracks for Skyrim mod Lordbound and a variety of other film and game music projects. Luci also builds and designs interactive sonic art installations for festivals and venues (Refraction (Cryptic), CITADEL (Hidden Door)); and in 2019 Luci joined new classical music station Scala Radio to present The Console, a weekly one-hour show dedicated to celebrating great music in games. Luci also works as a musical director and composer with the youth music charity Tinderbox Project on their Orchestra & Digital Arts programmes; classical music organisation Absolute Classics; and occasionally coordinates musical experiments and productions with her music-for-media band Mantra Sound.

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